Signature Programs (Demo)

Innovative Activities To Uplift Spirits
& Promote Well-Being
Keeping the body and mind engaged is just as important to staying healthy as your annual physical. Simply because you no longer live at home shouldn’t mean you have to stop enjoying the exciting activities you’re passionate about – or learning new ones.

Our signature programs at Willowbend are progressive, always-evolving, and based on the interests of today’s thriving seniors. They are never about filling time, but tapping into residents’ passions and creativity through robust activities, such as cooking classes, fishing trips, and live concerts on-site by local musicians. Coffee socials and outdoor family barbeques, rooted in local traditions, are also a regular part of our repertoire. Our programs are both engaging and diverse, encouraging a higher quality of life and a stronger willingness to get involved and socialize within the Willowbend community.

Afternoon Tea

We’ve taken a centuries-old British tradition and remade it into a fun social gathering that provides residents with an opportunity to not only try a delicious new hot tea, but also mix, mingle, laugh and strengthen friendships.

Pen Pal Club

Through our Pen Pal Club, residents have fun creating and exchanging letters with people all over the globe. All that’s needed is something to share and a desire to connect with new friends.

Ladies of the Willow

This social group for the wonderful ladies of Willowbend routinely gets together for refreshments, snacks, conversation and the chance to work together on special craft projects.

Modern Men

It’s not always easy to get men active and involved. Modern Men is a unique program that encourages our male residents to participate in thought-provoking conversations and make real connections.

Garden Club

Outside activities like our Garden Club give residents a chance to enjoy the many benefits of being outdoors and interacting with others while caring for living, growing plants.

Tech Connect

Bringing stimulating life experiences and adventurous activities to our residents is why we created Tech Connect. Through the wonders of technology and power of creativity, connecting with others has never been so easy or so much fun.