Ladies of Willow

A Ladies Group With A Sense Of Purpose
Helping residents develop and strengthen friendships is why we created Ladies Of The Willow. By encouraging activity and interaction with others, this special program brings joy and a sense of purpose to the lives of these wonderful ladies. That, in turn, can lead to improved health.

On the surface, Ladies Of The Willow looks a lot like a regular ladies group. That’s because this special group of ladies from our community routinely get together for refreshments, snacks and the chance to start and strengthen friendships at Willowbend.


But, with Ladies Of The Willow, there’s more. As part of the program, we also introduce interesting craft projects – for example, Mason jar tissue containers – that the entire group can work on and ultimately make available for purchase. The proceeds from all items sold go back to the club for future craft projects, as well as occasional special outings for group members, which is proof there isn’t an age limit on being an entrepreneur.